Unable to pick epics from boards that have non-project specific JQL


Looks like the REST APIs for /rest/agile/1.0/board?&type=scrum&projectKeyOrId=PROJECT_KEY
Changed subtly where it now relies on the JQL's project keys rather than the Project Shares. So if you had a Scrum filter that doesn't specify a project key, it won't show up on the project specific queries.

This means that:

  • If you have a board with a JQL "priority > Medium" shared with project DEV

  • Project scoped rule for project DEV

  • You try to pick a board or an Epic in any of the actions, it will show no Epics / boards in the drop down. You should still be able to pick a board from the global list as a fall back

We should fall back, so that if a call to get boards / epics for a project comes back empty, fetch it again with no project param (so you can do global Epic / Board searches)




Simeon Ross (CB)


Mark Chaimungkalanont (CB)



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