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Global rules aren't shown on the Project Automation level until you add a project level rule


When you go to a project automation panel with existing global rules, you get the "I don't see any rules yet. Create sample rules" in all filters (All, Project, Global rules). This only makes sense if the view you've filtered down to doesn't have any rules. Probably worse still is that if you do create sample rules, they won't actually show up in some context.

We should only show the no rules + create sample rules (customise the create sample rules text "for this project"):

  • All rules: iff no global rules + no project rules

  • Project rules: if no project rules

  • Global rules: Probably should have a different empty state here? Link off to the global rules page if they have global admin permission so they can create global rules from there?




Huw Evans


Mark Chaimungkalanont



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